the irish worker is an upcoming political magazine serving the tri-campus community in Notre Dame, Indiana. We operate independently from the University of Notre Dame and any other organization. Broadly speaking, we are progressive and anti-capitalist, as well as dedicated to supporting our community here in South Bend and on the campuses of Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and St. Mary’s.

What kind of content will The Irish Worker post?

the irish worker will have a variety of articles on topics such as:

  • student experiences on campus relating to race & ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic status;
  • religious beliefs (both Catholic and other faith traditions) and how they connect with personal political beliefs;
  • certain campus news and events;
  • and other articles informed by progressive and socialist ideas.

We publish articles every other Sunday, and highlight those articles on social media throughout the week.

I’m interested! How can I help out?

We are currently looking for writers and have several other open positions; we will put out a call for writers soon. People with questions or suggestions can contact us, and clubs/groups that share some or all of our purpose are encouraged to reach out to us as well.

We can be reached on Twitter and Instagram @irishworker_, and at

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