Matthew Bisner and Allan Njomo standing side-by-side outside.

After a lengthy discussion on Monday evening, the Editorial Board has decided to endorse Allan Njomo and Matthew Bisner for student body president and vice president this year. Their comprehensive platform, involvement on campus both in and outside of Student Government, and their approach of bold change convinced us that they will be effective leaders for the student body.

Allan Njomo has served as Stanford Hall’s hall senator, and currently serves as hall president. His personal experience and leadership experience has informed their platform, and will make them an effective pair to serve as stewards of the student body.

Matthew Bisner’s time in Student Government — particularly his benchmarking work while on the Judicial Council — as well as his experience as co-vice president of PrismND, gives them a unique perspective on how to best serve as vice president. In addition, the mutual aid network that Matthew organized in Spring 2020 was a novel idea that helped meet the needs of Notre Dame’s most vulnerable students when the pandemic forced campus to close.

Their platform is comprehensive in addressing issues that affect students, yet Allan and Matthew have referred to it as a “living document”, subject to change as they hear more from students. 

Their platform leaves no issue or student behind, and we hope that they bring this same attentiveness and thoroughness to their presidency as well. They take a holistic approach to student issues, asserting that student health and overall campus health need to be cultivated through addressing many issues that play into each other. They suggest Student Union reform with the ad hoc Committee on Governmental Reform, and strengthening Student Government relationships with various groups. They also propose strengthening the Notre Dame–South Bend relationship through the South Bend Youth Committee, even hosting a half-hour Q&A Instagram Live discussing this issue.

In addition, theirs is the only platform that thoroughly addresses justice for Native American students, sexual education, spiritual faith and interfaith programs, student activism, and several other issues. 

The two other tickets this year presented their own valuable ideas, and are strong candidates as well; we encourage the winning ticket to seek out ideas from the other two tickets to incorporate into their leadership.

Max Siegel and Zach Holland present a goal-oriented platform, splitting their ideas into University policy and Executive Branch policy; recognizing what can be accomplished through the presidency versus what they could advocate to University administrators. Their plans for equitable club funding, addressing the racial divide, leveraging athletic teams with information campaigns, and Student Government transparency are cogent solutions to problems that students care about.

Mabry Webb and Jacob Calpey center sexual assault response and mental health, as well as proposing Welcome Weekend changes and syllabi addenda to address different campus issues. Their platform also includes changes to residential life, which would make the dorm environment more inclusive for marginalized students.

We are grateful to all the platforms for conversing with us and applaud many of the progressive ideas across all three.

We encourage Notre Dame students to Be Bold on Wednesday, by voting for Allan Njomo and Matthew Bisner.

You can cast your vote on Wednesday by email, or at

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